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Posted on June 20, 2014

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B6.15)

Buffy 6.15: As You Were

  • This episode shares a title with Chapter 34 of my novel — the climactic chapter.
  • I seem to remember this episode not making a ton of sense.
  • How do vampires not remember that the slayer lives in town?
  • "How do you get to say that I’m the one who’s stinky?"
  • In the front yard? That is NOT a thing.
  • If the DMP closes at nine, Buffy wouldn’t be done working until ten (at LEAST), and now it’s probably close to eleven… but Buffy is telling Dawn to be home by eleven. That restaurant closes hella early.
  • The Bronze wouldn’t allow Xander to bring in his own food.
  • I don’t know what the hell Buffy was listening to, but it was awful.
  • "Don’t you want your garbage?"
  • They only rejected Buffy because she missed the deadline. She can apply for the next semester.
  • Dawn is trying to be nice, but it sounds mean. Unintentional, but mean.
  • I can’t imagine that Buffy would’ve been okay with Dawn going to the Bronze on a school night.
  • So Riley’s trying to be Nick Fury now.
  • Riley’s only been gone for a year…
  • Sunnydale doesn’t have this many people in it. Where did they have to go pick him up? Santa Barbara? I’m told that’s close.
  • I never, ever, EVER liked this episode.
  • Where the hell have they been hiding this dam all these years in Sunnydale?
  • This demon is a pretty good challenge if it’s strong enough and a good enough fighter to take on both Riley and Buffy and not get instantly killed. Better fight choreography would have been welcomed.
  • The military would NEVER have allowed Riley to go on missions with his wife. Not EVER.
  • Its neck didn’t move. What the hell did Buffy break?
  • Given how long you guys were in the car, Riley, you had plenty of time to talk to Buffy about what’s going on.
  • Does that mean Sam is actually the senior officer?

  • "I’m prepared to hate this woman any way you want."
  • Okay, I laughed at the “troublemeat” line. Even if no one else in the room did.
  • It really annoys the hell out of me when a show brings in a new girlfriend/wife for a one-off and she’s totally perfect in every way.

  • Was Buddha jolly?
  • You guys aren’t doing much tracking in the jungle right now, are you.
  • It took Riley a year to get over Buffy. But they’ve been married for four months. It’s only been a year since Riley left. Something’s wrong with the timeline here.
  • It’s still Spike’s house, Buffy. You should knock.
  • Upstairs. Where Riley could walk in, because he knows where Spike lives.
  • Also, I understand the point of quickies, but they didn’t take nearly enough off to have sex — until AFTER, during the sleepytimes period.
  • See, now, THIS is where the episode stopped making sense for me. I know Spike needs money, but the fact that he would go to these lengths and deal in demon eggs… just doesn’t work with the character.
  • Spike is actually extremely intelligent. Everyone forgets that.
  • Except for this ridiculously stupid plan.
  • They’re baby demons. Stomp on them. Hit them with a mallet.
  • Did Xander get a haircut between now and the last scene in which we saw him?
  • Why the Magic Box? What were they doing there?
  • Nepal is relatively close to Tibet. Go see Oz while you’re there.
  • Riley was like 23 or 24 when Buffy met him, and he’d never loved ANYONE before then? That’s really hard to believe.
  • "What a bitch."
  • Not sure I really felt the breakup scene like I should have.
  • Not metaphorical at all, the whole “walking into the light” thing.

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