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Posted on June 19, 2014

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (A3.15)

Angel 3.15: Loyalty

  • The Netflix preview frame for this episode is super freaky.
  • Is this tomorrow? Or has it been a few days? Wes wasn’t wearing that shirt in the last episode.
  • That fake blood looks vile. Bet it sucked for Alexis Denisof to have that on his hands.
  • Oh, good, Lilah is back.
  • Wes is starting to look pretty rough.
  • Yes, Angel, NOW is the time to talk about prophecies.
  • That pediatrician is super-creepy looking.
  • They always make Wes look average height, but the actor is actually 6’1.
  • No doctor would leave blood just laying around. Not even in the early 2000s.
  • Holtz looked much better with a beard. Without one he has too much of a baby-face. Also, his hair is shorter and looks ridiculous.
  • That was a really shitty punch, Justine.
  • Not sure how this whole thing with Lilah’s mother is supposed to humanize her in any way.
  • Speaking of bad hairdos, let’s talk about Lilah’s terrible one.
  • Jack Conley is a talented actor, but that is not a good look for him, body-wise. He’s a big dude.
  • If Sahjhan is out of phase with our universe, how is he sitting on Lilah’s desk?
  • I’ve been to Santa Monica Pier. It’s exactly this crazy and busy all the time.
  • The Ring Toss isn’t near where they were standing.
  • J. August Richards is 6’3, and Amy Acker is 5’8. I feel like the shots of her and Gunn make her look unnecessarily small.
  • The writing of the Whedon Tree tells us without a doubt that Wesley is going to do something horrible because Angel is being so nice to him.
  • It’s interesting how the right lighting and music can make anything creepier than it is during the daytime.
  • Come on, Charles! You’re a better fighter than this.
  • See, Charles? Justine can follow orders.
  • Aww, Fred, it’s your first quip!
  • Imagine how much more information Holtz would’ve had if Justine had hung out a little longer.
  • Perhaps things would’ve been funnier if they’d used a Doublemeat Palace.
  • Love that early-2000s budget-rate CG.
  • You knew people would hit on you if you came to a bar, Lilah.
  • Again here’s Sahjhan interacting with his environment when he’s unable to touch or be touched.
  • Yes, Wes. Leave the baby alone, unwatched, and people are after Connor.
  • This show certainly makes a big deal about souls.
  • Holtz doesn’t have a low scary voice on purpose. It’s just his voice. Go look up Cheyenne Wright. THAT dude has a scary normal voice.
  • That was one lame-looking salad.
  • Holtz grew up in Europe. Not a ton of earthquakes there. How did he know that bureau was going to fall?
  • Damn, Angel is bleeding hard.
  • The fire’s still burning — isn’t one of them going to try and put it out?

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