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Posted on June 6, 2014

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B6.13)

Buffy 6.13: Dead Things

  • …but clearly not so disgusted that you won’t still bang Spike like a screen door in a thunderstorm.
  • Okay, you guys have legitimately been having sex for a few weeks, maybe a month; you’d think it’d be okay for him to see Buffy’s boobs when they’re not actually, y’know, doing it.

  • If you think about it, Spike probably taught Buffy all the really good parts of sex. Riley was probably normal missionary guy, maybe girl-on-top, but Spike is a lot more fun.
  • Not that normal missionary sex is bad. It’s not. It’s actually pretty awesome.
  • I do like the subversion of the trope where Buffy wants it to be just sex and Spike wants a relationship.
  • Yay! It’s the magic bone!
  • That silver thing looks a lot like a buttplug.
  • Yes, okay, we’re supposed to think that Warren’s going to want to sleep with Buffy.
  • I think Buffy and Tara would’ve been a cute couple.
  • Does no one notice the earbud in Warren’s ear?
  • Okay, yes, Warren is a jerk… but he probably wasn’t such a jerk when you met him.
  • Where would Buffy have found time to change?
  • Kind of late to be heading over there, yes?
  • I like the little twitch in Katrina’s right hand and the tightness in her jaw.
  • I get that Jonathan and Andrew are not nice people (at this point), but even they have to realize that this is a massive consent violation.
  • In fact, a good chunk of this season is just consent violations all over the place.
  • Adam Busch has some serious chest hair.
  • Gotta make a prison rape joke, don’t we. ~sigh~
  • That thing Warren hit her with shouldn’t have broken the skin. If she’d died, it should’ve been from a cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Interesting how Jonathan is more worried about Buffy than prison.
  • Oh, yeah, this was about the time when swing dancing made a brief, desperate comeback. Really glad that didn’t last.
  • Ha. Ha. Ha. A bondage joke.
  • This episode aired in early February, which means Buffy’s 21 now. So at least she can get legally drunk if she wants to.
  • Seriously, Spike? You’re going to have sex with her up there? On the catwalk?

  • It’s been a month? It doesn’t feel like a month.
  • Is this music by Bush? (Yes. Soundhound says it is.)
  • You could focus on THAT evil bloodsucking fiend instead.
  • It’s not really cold enough for Buffy to need gloves.
  • Not gonna lie… this is actually a really good plan on Warren’s part.
  • Yeah, we all knew that was Jonathan. No need to draw it out.
  • I do like Jonathan’s expression of disgust, though.
  • Handcuffs are super uncomfortable. I’d think Spike would go with wrist straps.
  • Okay, so, the monologue was shot, and then the punches were shot. It’s pretty obvious from the different looks on Buffy’s face.
  • This episode didn’t have a really conclusive ending — like, it didn’t wrap up in the way that other ones did.
  • Powerful final scene though.

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