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Posted on January 15, 2014

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B5.21)

Buffy 5.21: The Weight of the World

  • Amusing that that minion says someone is due for a beheading… and yet I think in the episode of Angel that follows this, Lorne gets beheaded. Go figure.
  • Willow’s coloring doesn’t work for this scene.
  • Joyce is back. That can’t be good.
  • You’re right, Spike: Buffy does like it rough. As you will learn.
  • Scary Willow is scary.
  • I just thought of something: between the Xandermobile, Giles’s car, Joyce’s Jeep, and Spike’s DeSoto, they had plenty of fast cars they could’ve used to get out of Sunnydale. The RV was just a plot device waiting to happen.
  • Oh, that’s right, this is the Ben-is-Glory, Glory-is-Ben thing.
  • "Is everyone here very stoned?"
  • I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust a tower being built by crazy people with sucked-out brains.
  • Oh, look, it’s the chief minion.
  • That’s a convenient box of tissues.
  • Glory’s got a good point — why DOES she feel all these feelings? It’s either brain-indigestion from eating Tara, or something related to Ben, or the fact that the Key is unlocking Glory’s humanity related to the body she’s stuck in.
  • For a supposed grown-up, Xander’s bedroom is kind of immature.
  • That was awfully easy, Willow.
  • That little girl looks nothing like SMG. Maybe they could’ve found someone who looked more like her as a kid? The nose is what gives it away.

  • It’s so cool that they got the same guy to play Buffy’s dad again, and again in the sixth season.

  • So Giles is patched up and moving around gently, but by “tonight” — that is, tonight in show-time — he’s doing fine enough to kill Ben.
  • Nice that Spike’s hands have healed.
  • "You’re saying all this time he’s been subletting from her?"
  • It’s the Key. It’s unlocking Glory’s mind.
  • Clare Kramer did an excellent job with the mental breakdown.
  • Ugh. It’s Sineya. Again. I really despise this character.
  • The girl who played young-Buffy didn’t always project as well as she could have done.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Doc!
  • Good move, Dawn. Too bad Ben became Glory before it could really take effect.
  • Arguing with yourself again?
  • I wonder if, when they shot this, they had Clare Kramer and Charlie Weber each do the entire speech with Michelle Trachtenberg so that they could cut back and forth more easily.
  • All these women with their high-heeled boots… why?
  • Did we not hear when that knight guy said “kill Ben and Glory dies”? Because I certainly did.

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