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Posted on November 13, 2013

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B5.16)

Buffy 5.16: The Body

Before I cry ALL THE TEARS, let me mention two things.

  1. "The Body" is Chapter 32 of my novel. And I titled Chapter 31 "Seeing Red". Talk about feels.
  2. You really need to read Mark Oshiro’s post about this episode.

And now.

  • I realize that in the early 2000s you had to have show opens with the credits and everything, but I bet if Joss had pushed he could’ve gotten away with not doing one for this episode. Just show the title card and move on. Plus you get an extra minute of episode time.
  • "Yes, I’m going to barf too."
  • "I had too much nog."
  • "She likes it when I stop explaining things."
  • Callback to “Band Candy”.
  • One long master shot. Just brilliant that SMG was able to do this in one go. Rehearsal for this scene must have SUCKED.
  • "The body is cold."
  • I just noticed SMG has a band-aid on her finger. I wonder when that happened.
  • I just saw the boom mike in the upper-right corner of the shot. Whoops.
  • I didn’t think paramedics were allowed to officially pronounce people dead.
  • It’s good that they found an actor so much taller than SMG to talk to her about this.
  • No. The paramedics would never have left no matter how much was going on. SOMEONE would have stayed with Buffy. I mean, she could have gone into shock — DID go into shock — and that’s negligence to not have someone with her.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen this little room with the wind chimes before.

  • Buffy’s pants have no back pockets.
  • The timing on this is all weird. It was afternoon when Buffy fought April, then evening when Xander fixed the window, then mid-day again when Buffy got home from all of that and found Joyce, and now Dawn is in school. Unless Xander was fixing the window in the morning, and then Buffy was out all day doing whatever it is she does during the day, and got home around… oh… let’s say 1:30-ish.
  • I wonder if that nose-blow was a sound effect or if Michelle Trachtenberg actually is a loud nose-blower.
  • My middle-school art class was never this cool. We never had easels, and we never had nude statues.
  • Dawn is an extremely intelligent person. She most likely knows exactly what’s going on.
  • Joss Whedon is an excellent writer and director, but I think that sometimes his choices are far too above the understanding of mortal people. Like ending the scene on Dawn’s picture. I honestly don’t get it.
  • The quick cuts in Willow’s room are great, though; reflects Willow’s state of mind, even in normal situations.
  • "Strong like an amazon."

  • Almost lost in this mess is just how well Emma Caulfield plays Anya’s confusion and inexperience leading up to her juice speech.
  • That dorm room has a TON of floor space.
  • "You know I can’t take you." But that doesn’t mean you can’t defeat her.
  • "But I don’t understand."

  • THAT was the moment I cried last time I saw this. And here I go again.
  • Isn’t that the same side that Olaf broke?

  • "I still remember how to pee."
  • Dude, Xander, don’t minimalize it. Anya doesn’t know how to behave, how to react. Let her react.
  • There’s a magazine on the rack called Reader.
  • How does Dawn unerringly know which table Joyce is on? Body shape?
  • That’s a LOT of coffee.
  • "The sandwiches are meat."
  • One would think Dawn would have screamed.
  • Okay, ow, that was totally Dawn’s face against the table.
  • All I’m reminded of at the end is when Worf showed K’ehleyr’s body to Alexander.
  • "Where’d she go?"

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