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Posted on November 7, 2013

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (A2.15)

Angel 2.15: Reprise

  • Now THAT is a room full of goats.
  • "I really couldn’t help but notice the goats."
  • Wolfram & Hart is an evil organization. We all know this. That said, it’s possible that there was a really good reason for them not allowing whatever it was out there that would get pissed off to get pissed off.
  • And Wesley just whipped out a lollipop for a… what is she? Eleven? Twelve? Kind of old for a lollipop.
  • That is a HUGE jacket, Gunn. It’s not that cold out. It never is. Even in LA, even in winter. I’ve been there.
  • Lindsey is a really cool pragmatist. I like that.
  • This whole “Kate could lose her job” angle would’ve been a great way to get her onto the main cast. I wonder why they didn’t go that route, other than the fact they added Fred later.
  • I totally flaked on watch the credits, or I would’ve known that Darla was in this one.
  • Blood does NOT come in glass bottles. Not anymore.
  • Lorne looks oddly effeminate tonight. I think it’s the hair and the neck-chain.
  • I highly doubt that anyone watching Angel knew who Rex Reed was.
  • Now, see, if you’d kept using Cordy’s apartment, you could’ve just de-invited him.
  • That whole thing about Angel having sex is foreshadowing, isn’t it.
  • No. It’s been a few days. Wesley’s stitches wouldn’t have split THAT badly.
  • They always ask for the gun and badge, but they never ask for the handcuffs, nightstick, or any other equipment. Because you’re going to want it for, what, bondage play?
  • The “Denver” thing is an EXCELLENT callback.
  • Oh, hi there, Darla!
  • I hope Angel is smart enough to clear all the really good books out of Denver’s shop before the cops come.
  • Cross-show foreshadowing with Virginia’s comment on guns.
  • I do like the relationship between Wesley and Virginia, though. Unfortunately, this was the last episode she was in.

  • Wesley’s watch is very out-of-place with the giant bathrobe.
  • Pretty sure the Kate’s apartment set is a redress of either Wes’s apartment or one of the hotel rooms.
  • Kate’s awfully young to have won that many awards for her police work. I guess we’re supposed to know that she was just THAT damn good prior to being fired.
  • "What in God’s name is Ang-phullalullah?"
  • This whole “no friends” thing leads into the Harmony episode, doesn’t it? I seem to remember it doing so.
  • Now that’s a lie, Cordy. You guys always take checks.
  • Nice pentagram.
  • Now THAT, Angel, was a nice piece of work. But Darla’s a vamp too; wouldn’t the detectors have gone off for her?
  • Okay, look, I realize Angel is a vampire and can’t be killed from falling out a window unless his head is taken off or his heart is destroyed, but still, we’ve seen him get knocked out from various injuries. It’s a damn fifteen-story fall, though; he should be quite unconscious.
  • Random elevator is random.

  • CG’d elevator shaft. Not very well CG’d, either.
  • "You’ve got the tiniest bit of ‘give-a-crap’ left."
  • I like how they just blithely hang a lampshade on the fact that there are a lot of apocalypses.
  • You don’t just drop the hyper-powerful magical relic. No matter how shell-shocked you are, you don’t do THAT.
  • Are we supposed to think that Kate’s going to kill herself here? Seems odd to intercut her.
  • Oh, that’s why Cordy said they don’t take checks. Because Ang-phullalullah Investigations doesn’t, even though Angel Investigations did.
  • I guess she is going to attempt suicide. And Angel’s not going to do anything about it.
  • That’s VERY dominant, for Angel.
  • So if Holland hadn’t made Angel so depressed, he wouldn’t have been so unhappy that even having sex with Darla couldn’t release Angelus? Is that what happened?
  • Darla’s a vampire, Angel. She’s not going to be warm inside when you have sex with her. You’ll still feel the cold.
  • I wonder if vampires use warming lubricants when they have sex.
  • Oh, lovely. Not only did we end Buffy 5.15 with Joyce possibly dead on the couch, but now we’re ending Angel 2.15 with pretty much the same sequence of events we did right before Angel was turned to Angelus by boinking Buffy.

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