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Posted on October 16, 2013

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B5.12)

Buffy 5.12: Checkpoint

  • "Checkpoint" is the name of Chapter 15 of my novel.
  • Tara looks awfully glamorous today.
  • "That’s just like other Gileses, right?"
  • Why is Anya sitting between Willow and Tara?

  • Travers is so demonized in fanfic. Yeah, he’s a dick, but why is he always the super-bad-guy?
  • But she doesn’t go get a snack. She goes back up to her room snack-free.
  • Also Xander is all the way away from Anya. Not sure how I feel about the way the characters were staged.
  • It can’t have taken the minions THAT long to find a human for Glory. I mean, there are humans everywhere.
  • I get that Glory is supposed to come off as an evil California girl, but she’s a demon from another world who’s been locked away for a while or something, so how is she so hip to the world of retail?
  • I wonder where the Council hid their rental car.
  • Mmm… melted human eyeballs.
  • Wouldn’t Travers call him “Rupert”? Or at least “Mr. Giles”?
  • Yes, let’s move from the nice stool at the front over to the table on the other side of the set.
  • Okay, this is just idiotic: they’re going to force everyone to go through a dog-and-pony show, and what if they’d failed? Would they just have taken the information back and left Buffy and Giles and everyone else to just dick around?
  • Ah, yes, the one lecture hall at all of UCSD.
  • The professor should be pretty impressed that Buffy has actually done her research, and not be such a dick. She’s not stupid.
  • Clearly the professor is NOT here to learn.
  • Well, at least Buffy has a healthy outlet for her anger.
  • No, Buffy, you were winning. You were prolonging the fight so you could work out your anger.
  • Okay, Spike, that was a dumb thing to say. Buffy has slept with THREE people.
  • "She’s short, symmetrical, hair on top." I’ll have to use that sometime.
  • As I said about eight points ago — this examination thing is DUMB.
  • I wonder how much Giles spent on this light-up table. It seems quite a waste of money.
  • How would Fringe have been different if SMG had played Olivia?
  • Note to self: find the gif that has Willow and Tara explaining that they’re gay to the Watcher guy.

  • Found it.
  • Who by the way plays it off really well.
  • Foreshadow much, Spike?
  • Spike’s powerful enough that this one cross shouldn’t stop him. Just make him vaguely uncomfortable.
  • So this episode was written with the “pile everything on” method, was it?
  • That’s a very nice outfit Glory is wearing, except for the back.
  • How did Glory know that Dawn’s nickname is “Dawnie”?
  • Spike’s right — she really did dump Dawn and Joyce on him with no warning. She’s just lucky that he has a thing for her and is willing to do this.
  • "Mostly I think ‘ew’."
  • Hey! Bangers and mash are good!
  • It can’t POSSIBLY be that cold in the Central Coast of California that Buffy needs to wear a huge coat.
  • How did the bad guys know Buffy would be using the alley as a cut-through?
  • It must’ve sucked for these actors to have to fight in chain mail. That stuff’s heavy. Even the fake stuff.
  • Because what we really needed was ANOTHER group of antagonists like the Knights of Byzantium.
  • Philip looks pretty good for someone who has a cracked rib.
  • I really love the way Buffy’s face changes when Travers reveals what Glory is. Such great acting.

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