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Posted on September 26, 2013

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (A2.10)

Angel 2.10: Reunion

  • "Okay, way too many pronouns here."
  • Yay! Drusilla’s here!
  • For the record, if you like Batman and Drusilla, you’ll want to read this series of fanfic. You’ll like what the author does with Dru.
  • Oh, good, Lilah’s in this one.
  • What, exactly, could Wesley be looking up that takes that long? Plus, sunrise and sunset times are in the paper; would’ve been faster.
  • I’m sorry, but Lindsey wouldn’t be caught dead in an apartment building with wallpaper like THAT in the hallway.
  • Angel’s foreign too. He just doesn’t have an accent anymore.
  • Who thought that this hair looked good on Sam Anderson, exactly?
  • Ooh… I remember those HP inkjets. I used to sell them.
  • I feel bad for Julie Benz. I know she’s an actress, but I still wouldn’t have been able to handle being buried alive like that. Plus, what if she has to pee?
  • No. Darla lifting Angel like that just doesn’t work for me. She’s powerful, yes, but in terms of sheer mass it wouldn’t have happened.
  • Okay, fine, she’s feral and insane. Regardless, no.
  • Still can’t do it, can you…?
  • If you look carefully while Angel is doing his little soliloquy about going to W&H, you can see Charisma Carpenter speaking. So clearly they reused a shot.
  • It has been a while since Cordy’s had a vision, now hasn’t it…
  • "She should’ve done this before we left the hotel."
  • All those lines on the road… wonder how many times they did the turn.
  • I think I’ve been to this part of LA. Not sure though. It’s a big city.
  • I wonder if there was someone off-screen making sure their hips were synchronized as they walked.
  • "Oh… I’m ringing… do you hear it? I’m ringing all over…"

  • Darla’s dress is awfully clean given that she was buried in it. Even if only for a little while.
  • Why southern exposure? Why not eastern?
  • No, Kate, you can’t stop them. But the full might of the LAPD might have a shot. That’s one thing that always bugged me about the Buffyverse — law enforcement in it is always so inept, and in real life they’re not. Not usually, anyway.
  • I understand that Lindsey finishing the wine before everyone else is supposed to indicate how he really feels about the way things are going and therefore make us more likely to identify with him as a good guy, but that isn’t going to change the opinion of the viewership. By now we know how we feel about him regardless of that.
  • Um… they look like whores. I know Darla was one, when she was alive the first time, but she hasn’t been for over 400 years. Who in costuming thought this was a good idea?

  • And speaking of good ideas, what happened to Julie Benz’s hair?
  • "You have beautiful skin."
  • "I… moisturize."
  • "Very thoughtful of you."
  • Speaking of believability, as I have in the past few posts… Holland Manners is too wealthy to live as close to this boutique as it seems he does.
  • Come on, Lilah… do you not know what sirens are?
  • "Big, stinky fear."
  • That was a pretty vague invitation, Mrs. Manners.
  • Hero music sting!
  • I love how Juliet Landau plays it when she sees Angel instead of Angelus.
  • "Spank us ‘til Tuesday! We promise to be bad if you do!" I get such a kick out of Drusilla.
  • And yet somehow Holland, Lindsey, and Lilah survived.
  • Nice shirt, Wes.
  • Gunn’s “best believe that, man” line felt forced.
  • Ah, yes, the parting of the ways. Yet another plotline that didn’t work for me in any way.

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