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Posted on September 19, 2013

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (A2.09)

Angel 2.09: The Trial

  • "I was a man. I said… things."
  • I have to admit that, at this point, the whole Darla thing was starting to get pretty tiresome.
  • Well, gee, those lines weren’t foreshadowing in ANY way.
  • Skid Row? Is that really a thing people say anymore?
  • Look, Julie Benz is a wonderful actress, no two ways about it. It’s just… this story arc never, ever, EVER interested me.
  • I love the way Angel just casually tossed off that little bit of vampire lore — the motel thing. I found that to be very good writing.
  • Oh, joy, another flashback featuring Angel’s terrible accent.
  • Did women really wear bodices that were THAT revealing in 1765?
  • Oh yeah… this is the one where we first hear of Holtz.
  • Not to be crass, but, Darla, honey, if you’re going to do it like animals, you should be on your hands and knees. Very few mammals have sex face-to-face.
  • 1992… that explains the Metallica shirt, then.
  • One thing I’ve always loved about the Buffyverse is that they hang lampshades on tropes, or just upend them altogether.
  • So here’s an interesting question — would Darla regain her original power level if she was turned by this young-ish vampire? When Drusilla turns her, she’s already got 150 years or so of power, so if Darla gets her power level from her sire, then she gets at least SOME power back.
  • Is that really a neon “Beer On Tap” sign? Do people really make those anymore?
  • It would actually have made sense for Angel to re-make Darla. Then he could control her better. Sometimes you have to bite one for the team.
  • And as we’ll learn in about 220 years, Vienna waits for you.
  • Why are you whispering, Cordy? Vampire hearing and all.
  • Cordy’s hair still isn’t doing it for me. I think it’s the uniform color, which sort of tells me it’s a wig.
  • I really think this show could’ve done some good story arcs with a Lindsey/Darla relationship. It’s a shame they didn’t.
  • If you look really carefully at the Hyperion lobby set, then overlay it on the fifth-season W&H lobby set, you can see that they’re using the same soundstage and that they’ve just built over it with the new stuff. Which is of course an economical use of space and makes perfect sense.
  • First mention of jasmine.
  • Pretty sure that’s not Julie Benz singing. The voice isn’t thin enough — I like Julie Benz, but she has a thin voice.

  • Um… there might be other reasons to save Darla that don’t revolve around the fact that she’s easy on the eyes.
  • That little lantern should’ve been better secured. Its wobbling doesn’t work.
  • For almost the entire second season, Lorne felt too much like a deus ex machina.
  • That skull-crushing line was very Xander, and the koi pond line was very Willow. The “funny” line was Buffy. I blame Doug Petrie.
  • I know that, from a writing perspective, the good guys take hits to make the reversal that much more powerful, but from a fighting perspective it makes no sense. Angel might take one or two hits, but then he’d move his ass, just as any good fighter would do.
  • Look very carefully and you can see the green being dragged behind the torso after Angel starts chaining the demon up. In fact, why not just check out this screenshot I took for you:

  • Oops, amirite? Someone forgot an effects shot. Not sure how they let it go; there’s a reason episodes have quality control.
  • Perhaps it would have behooved (behooven? behoven?) Angel to bring the sword with him.
  • Angel should’ve kept screaming (or at least reacting SOMEHOW) even after he took his arm out of the holy water. After all, it was still on his skin.
  • Isn’t it convenient that two of the three trials are specifically keyed to vampiric weaknesses?
  • Ah, but Angel is dead, or perhaps undead, so technically they can’t take his life to give it to Darla’s.
  • It’s episode nine of the second season. We all knew Angel wasn’t going to die. Whedon hadn’t yet established himself as the guy who kills main characters midway through the show.
  • Haven’t had much to say between the stake scene and the hotel scene. Just so you know I’m not, like, ignoring the show or anything. But then, I also know how this episode ends.
  • Remember how Angel explained that little bit of vampire lore about half an hour ago?

  • Can I just tell you how much I love surprise Whedonverse end-of-show cameos where they don’t put the actor in the credits? And how much more I love that they brought in the divine Juliet Landau? Well, if you didn’t know before, now you do.
  • The whole fingernail-across-the-chest thing is ridiculous. Utterly, truly ridiculous.

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