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Posted on June 17, 2013

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B4.15)

Buffy 4.15: This Year’s Girl

  • Hey, everyone remember Faith from last season? Remember how she’s not dead or anything? Yeah. I didn’t either, until the first time I saw this episode.
  • "I forgot."
  • "I noticed."
  • "Little sis coming." OH, THE FEELS!!!!!!! We were supposed to think it was Faith as the "younger" slayer, but really it was Dawn, and yet NO ONE expected it or even made the connection.
  • Awww… Willow has a silly hat.
  • Oh, look, Joyce is in this one too. Faith, Joyce, Tara, and the Mayor. Sweet.
  • Let’s remember that Xander’s a carpenter, not an electrician.
  • Everyone’s still living in Xander’s basement, then?
  • Yay! The Mayor!
  • How did they miss the effigied demon body the first time around, exactly?
  • Oh, you’ll see it all in about two years…
  • "You’re here. Whatever comes, we can handle." That is SO lame. Like, without a man, Buffy can’t save the day. That doesn’t even make sense.
  • I think we would’ve needed to see Faith lose in that same scene — the graveyard — once or twice before to buy her escape in that sequence.
  • Faith has been in a coma for the better part of a year. Her muscles should be atrophied. I guess it’s slayer healing that saved her, but still, it feels more like narrative convenience to me than anything.
  • Sunnydale Memorial’s long-term care ward is pretty awful, isn’t it…
  • Also, her voice would be very rusty from disuse.
  • Lest we forget, Buffy’s still in college and still lives in the dorms. And she’s still a freshman.
  • The writers tried REALLY hard to make us like Riley as a romantic prospect for Buffy, but as someone who ships Spuffy all the way, it doesn’t work for me. It did the first time, though.
  • The school is definitely a matte painting or some sort of green-screen reproduction of a still image.
  • Did Riley just touch Buffy’s ass as she got up and went to the phone?
  • "Ass-kicking makes a solid plan-B."
  • What the HELL is on Willow’s shirt?
  • Fanfic writers overdo Faith’s nickname thing. They don’t sound right coming out of everyone else’s mouth, not the same way they do when Faith says them.
  • Actually, Riley’s the second, not the first.
  • Did we not consider looking STRAIGHT DOWN, Buffy?
  • That’s not really the most flattering top Tara’s worn.
  • After Xander’s soldier experience, he should know what “five by five” means.
  • Speaking of soldier stuff, Xander should also known to have told Giles not to cross his line of fire.
  • "We’re dumb."
  • The hospital would have a helipad. They wouldn’t have landed in the parking lot. That’s just unsafe.
  • Balls.
  • I wonder who Gustafson was that he got a line of blades named after him.
  • Dude, seriously? He really did have a present for you.
  • That super-tiny softening of Faith’s face as she watched the Mayor tells us pretty much everything we needed to know about their relationship.
  • Hey, haven’t seen Joyce in a while, have we?
  • Exactly one season from now, Joyce also gets knocked out. But not with a fist.
  • Letters? She just lives ACROSS TOWN; could she not bother coming home every now and then? AND she has a telephone.
  • "It’s like you just keep sinking a little deeper every single day, and nobody sees."
  • Let’s now save a little money by recycling the original Buffy/Faith fight music.
  • Given how many old books Giles has — and the Council has GOT to know this — how in the world is the head henchman letting himself smoke in the presence of them?

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