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Posted on April 24, 2013

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (A1.03)

Angel 1.03: In the Dark

  • Hey, it’s that girl wearing the collar in the credits! Hi, girl wearing the collar in the credits!
  • Early on, Angel really depended upon asshole men battering women. Kind of a trope in the Whedonverse, if you think about it.
  • Angel, I know you’re a vampire, and you’re a lot stronger than humans, but you overdid it a bit there.
  • SPIKE!
  • I love Marsters’s fake voice here.
  • "You have a few surprises coming your way." Trailer line, party of Spike.
  • I appreciate that Spike was the first Buffy cast member to come over to this show as a guest star, but I don’t know if Oz was strong enough of an opening-credits character to be the one who visits the spinoff first. Not to say I don’t like Oz — I really like him a lot — but from a pure writing standpoint, I’m not sure I was feeling it.
  • It’s 11:05 at night. Why are Cordy and Doyle at work?
  • Charisma Carpenter played this Oz interaction very forced.
  • Exposition time!
  • Angel should be able to both hear and smell a third person in the elevator.
  • "We’re usually laconic."
  • Somehow I think Oz is the only one besides Angel who TRULY understands how powerful the Gem of Amarra is.
  • I hate to keep rehashing the point, but if Angel really wants to keep the ring out of everyone’s hands, he needs to encase it in cement and throw it in the ocean.
  • First instance (on this show) of establishing that Angel has martial arts training and knows how to use it — in this case, t’ai chi.
  • Why are you admitting that you have it, Angel? That’s really dumb.
  • Angel’s vampire makeup is much smoother than Spike’s. I guess that comes with being a main character.
  • She really does.
  • How would Cordy know what bong water smells like?
  • This is actually kind of a deep topic between Angel and Rachel. Kudos to the show for showing that the abused do go back to their abusers. Unfortunate, but true.
  • There’s those strap-on spikes again. Or are they knives? I can’t really tell.
  • It’s time for a montage of ass-kickery!
  • I’m sure the chain hurts Angel’s neck, but he doesn’t have to breathe. He should be able to fight back.
  • When I first saw this episode, I thought Marcus was Anthony Edwards. But he’s not.
  • He’s a torturer. Did we have to make him a pedophile just to make him MORE evil?
  • I love how much of these shows unintentionally foreshadow.
  • Angel’s not Spike’s sire — although I don’t remember if we’ve actually SEEN Dru turn Spike or not at this point.
  • Angel doesn’t cook. I imagine the wooden spoons came with the apartment. Either that, or when Angel says in the fifth season "I have no problem spanking men" he means it.
  • That Johnny Depp reference is terribly dated.
  • Seriously, Cordy, you should’ve just shot him already.
  • There should be more blood.
  • I realize Oz is kind of busy right now, but shouldn’t he be in the episode a bit more?
  • First instance of Doyle using his demon powers to do something normal humans can’t.
  • What a stupid plan. Imagine how much different things would’ve been if they’d just KILLED him.
  • You CANNOT do that with a cargo van. You just can’t.
  • Water doesn’t block sunlight. It’ll keep Angel from burning alive, but the sun can still kill him.
  • Oz just drove down a pier, hit a man, and then they got in a fight and Angel caught on fire. I get the feeling that Oz shouldn’t be coming back to this part of the world again.
  • You should talk, Oz. You’re paler than Angel.
  • Could they not go up on a building during sunset to shoot this? The lighting and echoes are totally wrong — it’s quite clearly a set.
  • Weak ending to the Rachel storyline.
  • "How is your mom?"

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