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Posted on February 25, 2013

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B3.01)

Buffy 3.01: Anne

  • Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Andrew Hoelich!
  • Yay! Short-ish-haired Willow.
  • THANK YOU, writers and directors, for admitting that knife (or stake) throwing doesn’t work at all. Ever.
  • The quipping in this cold open is really quite good. I’m impressed.
  • Nicholas Brendon sounds weird when his dialogue is being looped in.
  • Season Three opening credits, now with new title card font action!
  • I’m glad Seth Green is in the credits now, but by putting David Boreanaz in them, we know he’s coming back. Way to ruin the way Buffy killed him last year.
  • Buffy had NO experience as a waitress. How’d she get this job.
  • Chanterelle/Lily is back!
  • Willow looks a lot more stylish this year. I wonder if that’s Oz’s influence.
  • Who’s this random teacher guy?
  • Larry’s back too. Awesome.
  • Julia Lee plays the embarrassed teen angle well here. Also, she’s really pretty in the night-time scene.
  • "It’s an exotic mushroom, if that’s any comfort."
  • Buffy, meet car.
  • Buffy, meet Carlos Jacott.
  • Ken’s got a point — what IS Buffy doing in LA besides hiding? Does she not have a goal or something beyond “not being in Sunnydale”?
  • Oh, yeah, I remember this music video. It’s like “let’s highlight the homeless youth problem in our transition to this no-bra-wearing lead singer at the Bronze”.
  • Lest we forget that Joyce has been missing her daughter for three months, let’s have a scene at Buffy’s house.
  • Giles is cleaning his glasses. This happens a lot more in later seasons, I think.
  • That dude’s got some fuzzy hands.
  • I love the way Julia Lee just shrunk in on herself when she found out that Rickie was dead. Good acting.
  • Way to be honest, Buffy.
  • You just broke the phone off the wall; you didn’t disconnect the cable. Nice try.
  • I don’t know what a tea cozy is either, Buffy.
  • Typical Whedon style: the hero asks a question, and then cut to the villain without verbally answering.
  • That’s a nice stake, Oz.
  • I’m way beyond Xander and Cordy arguing. I realize it’s all leading up to the Xander/Willow thing, but it’s annoying.
  • "I’m dirty… I’m bad…" Foreshadowing.
  • Generic human slavery to demons scene, party of one.
  • They haven’t yet established how much stronger Oz is in human form, if at all.
  • WHY do we need that ridiculous music when Xander and Cordy kiss?
  • And now we know about time differentials in hell dimensions.
  • Wilhelm scream!
  • Buffy’s hair looks nice.
  • "I’m Buffy… the vampire slayer. And you are?"
  • And in that moment, Chanterelle/Lily/Anne became a real live girl.
  • That knife thing wouldn’t have spun for that long.
  • Hero shot!
  • I’m sure new-Anne is appreciative of all the stuff Buffy is leaving her, but they’re nowhere close to the same size.
  • Aaaaaaaand hug.

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