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Posted on July 23, 2014
Posted on July 21, 2014
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I feel like I have been waiting for this my entire life

I just fell out of my chair.


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Sing a Song of Ice and Fire, #18

War were declared!

Spoilers abound from here on in for a book published in 1999. Also, I’m not putting pictures in these posts because I don’t want to expose myself to spoilers.

Book Two: A Clash of Kings
Part the Tenth: from Tyrion’s rousing speech to Arya’s escape from Harrenhal

Tyrion — Is this the war chapter? I really hope this is the war chapter.

We begin with Tyrion beholding the devastation on the river as the wildfire destroys Stannis’s ships — and his own. Joffrey makes some noise about the Whores (the three trebuchets) and he plans to use said trebuchets to fling the Antler Men at his enemies. That ought to be a thing to see when I get to season two of the show. Anyway, the Hound shows up and refuses to fight any more, so Tyrion decides he’s going to lead a sortie out into the fighting, to try and take down Stannis. He gives a decently-rousing speech, and a brief one at that, and then draws his axe and is off.

It wasn’t the war chapter. But that’s coming soon. Can’t wait.

Sansa — Sansa hears about the war from one of the Kettleblacks, and then has a lovely heart-to-heart with Cersei about just what’s going to happen if Stannis’s soldiers get to them. It won’t be pretty. Which is why Cersei really kept Ser Ilyn Payne close at hand: if Stannis gets to them, it’s Ser Ilyn’s job to kill them before they can be brutalized.

Tyrion — Tyrion commands his men to some success, so much so that they even start calling for him — “Halfman!” He also realizes why the Hound was so afraid: there’s fire out there, and fire is what his (Clegane’s) older brother used to mutilate him.

And then one of the best lines in this book, when Tyrion and Ser Balon Swann see Stannis’s men trying to ride across the decks of the wrecked ships to attack King’s Landing:

"Those are brave men. Let’s go kill them."

It was that moment, I think, when anyone who still disliked Tyrion Lannister was turned to his side. It firmly cemented me in his camp, that’s for sure.

Tyrion, Ser Balon, and Ser Mandon Moore take on the lot of Stannis’s men and, with the help of the trebuchets under Joffrey’s command, they actually start winning. That is, until the ship upon which Tyrion stands starts to list. Mandon Moore gives Tyrion his hand to help him up—

—and then slashes him with his sword, right across his face.

Tyrion falls, and Ser Mandon comes in for the kill, only to be knocked aside by someone… someone who Tyrion believes is his brother Jaime, but who sounds an awful lot like his squire, Podrick Payne.

Now that was a great chapter.

Sansa — The battle has ended, and Tyrion is thought dead (for the moment). Cersei leaves to retrieve Joffrey, and Sansa takes charge, rallying the people as best she can. Eventually she makes her way to her bedchamber, only to find the Hound there, drunk and angry. There’s one final confrontation, in which the Hound says he’s leaving, to go anywhere but here, and then Sansa’s gone until morning. Ser Dontos brings her the news that Stannis’s army has been broken and Stannis himself is gone.

Thanks to Lord Tywin Lannister. Who showed up with his entire host and took Stannis’s army from behind.


Daenerys — After destroying the warlocks, Dany knows that she must leave. She attempts to bargain with Xaro, who wants one of her dragons, which isn’t happening. She attempts to bargain with ship’s captains to bring her khalasar to Westeros, but none of them are having it. As they walk, Ser Jorah espies men following them and they come up with a quick plan to keep Dany safe. Turns out only one man wishes her ill; the other is Strong Belwas, a fighting man sent by Magister Illyrio of all people. With him is Arstan, who also works for Illyrio. They’re going to bring Dany and everyone else to Westeros, and Dany will finally have her throne and her vengeance.

Arya — Things at Harrenhal aren’t much better under the command of Roose Bolton — collaborators are killed; female collaborators are left naked and available in the stocks. Gendry certainly isn’t happy about it.

Arya continues to serve Bolton, who for some reason believes that regular leechings are the key to good health. Seems to work for him so far. She hears the men discussing how to best defend Harrenhal once Lord Tywin returns. Then she hears that Bran and Rickon are dead (at least, so everyone thinks, even though Theon — who reputedly killed them — knows it’s not true) and has to soldier on to grieve in private. After she removes Bolton’s leeches.

Arya spends the rest of the day working and then practicing her swordplay, and at the end of the day Bolton returns with several dead wolves from a hunt — he said the howling was bothering him. Later that evening, Arya asks if Bolton will bring her when he leaves Harrenhal, and he says he’ll be leaving her in service of Vargo Hoat instead, as Hoat will be taking command of the place. Aggrieved, she goes back to the godswood to pray, asking for guidance. She seems to hear her father’s voice, and that pushes her to escape. She hatches a quick plan and, along with Hot Pie and Gendry, sets it in motion.

Looking Forward

Tyrion’s not dead… but what happened to him? I really would like to know.

And Then There’s This

I wrote this post and the next one all in one go. I don’t know what else to say at the moment.

Stark Ranking

  1. Jon
  2. Robb
  3. Arya (back up the ladder we go!)
  4. Catelyn
  5. Bran
  6. Rickon
  7. Sansa

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Posted on July 20, 2014
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Posted on July 18, 2014

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (A3.20)

Angel 3.20: A New World

  • And there’s the whole special effects budget for the episode.
  • So they have vampires in Quor’toth? Why else would Connor have a stake shooter?
  • The Groosalugg is a mighty warrior. One kick to the face wouldn’t have taken him down. Connor is a speed fighter, not a power fighter — I buy him taking Gunn, who is human, but Connor is basically a vampire without the downsides.
  • Soooooooooooooooo…
  • …muuuuuuuccchhhhhhh…
  • …sloooooooooooowwww…
  • …mooooooooootiioooooonnnn…
  • There are never these many cars outside the Hyperion until this episode.
  • Everyone looks slightly different — I wonder how long it was between the filming of the last episode and this one.
  • Did no one teach Amy Acker the right way to say Quor’toth?
  • Groo looks less buff now than he used to.

  • Cordy is so silly.
  • …but someone is.
  • Wes looks really good for someone who got his throat cut a week or so ago.
  • His hair is also much longer — so clearly there was a break in production.
  • Is Wesley’s front door STILL open? In Los Angeles, of all places?
  • And here’s some terrible CG of Connor surfing a bus.
  • Gunn’s lived in LA all his life. He wouldn’t have had to look to see where he was.
  • How many humans could there possibly have been in Quor’toth that he immediately falls in love with the first girl he sees who isn’t near a vampire?
  • Did Holtz teach Connor to take care of his teeth? Tooth care wasn’t a huge thing when he was alive the first time, and given how awful Quor’toth is, I highly doubt they had the material to make anything good for teeth cleaning purposes.
  • Was that, like, the exact opposite of a lucky shot?
  • So that one dude’s a descendent of Wilhelm?
  • Groo looks totally ready to fight. Kind of cool.
  • Does Charisma Carpenter (or Cordelia) have a wrist tattoo? Or is that just part of her bracelet?
  • "All alone but not really because he met up with a girl" cliche.
  • I kind of wonder how all this processed food didn’t make Connor sick, since he’d never had it before.
  • Great. Now I want an ice cream sandwich.
  • Shrugging is a learned behavior, and it doesn’t strike me that Holtz would be much of a shrugger.
  • Also, it’s completely NOT believable that Connor knows what kissing is, unless, as I said, there are some female humans or female-esque demons in Quor’toth.
  • Obligatory early-2000s UPN/WB anti-drug messaging.
  • Connor’s borrowed shirt collar looked nothing like that before the commercial break.
  • Look, I get it, Angel’s from a different time and his father was probably abusive, but this is a bit much. He’s a martial artist; I’m sure he can restrain without hitting.
  • Oh, he has two shirts. But when did he put the other one underneath the big one?
  • Groo’s been on Earth for about six weeks, tops, and he’s already learned passive aggressive behavior? Good job, buddy.
  • If this show had been made today, we’d have had at least one episode that was nothing but a flashback to Quor’toth. I’m really glad we didn’t have to deal with that.
  • The face-morph effect has gotten a lot better in six years.
  • "Maybe you can wear a hat."
  • No schmutz today, Mistress Myrna.
  • This director just LOVES slo-mo.

  • Coats are crazy expensive and Angel’s always getting shot through one of them. He must spend a lot on them.
  • As with shrugging, “yeah” is learned.
  • How the HELL did Connor know where to find Holtz?

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this was my desktop background in 2004 it’s just a guy riding a long motorcycle with the motorcycle photoshopped out

actual picture of me after chipotle

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Posted on July 17, 2014
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when there’s a group of your friends hanging out and youre like trying to join the conversation but dont know howimage

I know this turtle’s feels.


Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B6.18)

Buffy 6.18: Entropy

  • Watching Netflix on a Chromebook is weird. I can’t get rid of the stupid status bar on the video.
  • WTF are you nerds doing?
  • Oh. That’s what.
  • I’ll say this for Warren — he actually led the group as they went to go get the disc. And he did the hardest part.
  • "Guess how much they hate me? Zero. Zero much."
  • Of all the characters I’d believe to sit around and drink at age 21, Xander is at the top of the list, given that his father is clearly an alcoholic.

  • Ooh, Willow looks all skinny.
  • "Enjoying the refreshing sanity and so-forth?"
  • Tara was kind of sly when she said that about making it a regular thing.
  • Also, Tara isn’t stuttering. Now who’s the confident one?
  • Oh, that little giggle scene on the profile shot was super-forced and super-lame.
  • Thank goodness we’re about to put the endpoint on this kleptomania storyline.
  • Buffy looks like a “cool aunt” in this scene.
  • "Dental hygiene is important."
  • They just walked past a Navy store. Nice job scraping off the “Old” part.
  • Why is Jonathan wearing a Kansas shirt? The university, not the band.
  • That was a clever way to catch out Jonathan there, Andrew.
  • I loved how Warren tried to make a joke about the milk and Andrew took it in entirely the wrong direction.
  • I also enjoyed that the trope was subverted and Anya didn’t take Xander back. Back in 2002 that was a big deal.
  • The framing of Xander and Anya in these shots seems off.
  • It’s also interesting how the makeup and costume departments made Xander look much less mature in these scenes as opposed to before, when he was all confident in the person he’d become.
  • Notice that Xander is taking all the blame onto himself while Anya is blaming Xander. Which, y’know, he deserves, but still.
  • Nice callback to the beady eyes.
  • Okay, Hallie, THAT is a good revenge.
  • "Syrups have kinds?"
  • This is an annoying little five-episode arc where Dawn wants to become an active Scooby that doesn’t end right — in “Grave” she ends up HAVING to fight, but doesn’t learn anything.
  • That skirt is a bit too big on Willow’s waist.
  • Oh ha ha, lesbians hate men. Even in 2002, most lesbians I knew didn’t hate men. They just didn’t want to have relationships with them.

  • I bet Emma Caulfield had a great time reading this script when it came into her inbox.
  • Buffy makes an excellent point. She doesn’t sleep around at all.
  • Those are some ridiculous 70s jeans that Buffy is wearing.
  • Anya ALMOST got Buffy to wish something.
  • "Did Willow put that there when I was dead?"
  • How did Xander not assume it was the Trio?
  • How did BUFFY not assume it was the Trio?
  • Yeah, Spike, something happened to you to make you wear that terrible shirt.
  • Do figs have asses?
  • Did Hallie just trivialize Take Back the Night? Bad form.
  • Sunnydale did NOT have a fiber-optic network. Hell, I didn’t get one until 2008, and I live near Atlanta (well, almost), which is like the 9th biggest city in the US.
  • For such a powerful wizard, Jonathan really has a problem not suborning himself to authority.
  • Couldn’t Spike get someone to wish the chip out of his head?
  • I can’t believe Anya didn’t have sex in 1000 years.
  • "I have no dance."
  • Must be nice to be a vengeance demon again. Probably can’t die of alcohol poisoning, at least.
  • Spike figured it out.
  • Also, he’s an opportunist.
  • Not gonna lie: after you’ve been with someone for a long time, it’s REALLY weird to start kissing a new person. No matter how good it is, it always takes a few — or a few dozen — tries to get it right.
  • I really hope they locked the door of the Magic Box prior to this, or else someone’s going to come in and see Spike’s butt.
  • "What is that? Porn?"
  • First indication that Andrew has a crush on Spike.
  • That camera in the skull is SUPER obvious. How did no one notice it?
  • Willow knows.
  • Dawn knows.
  • Xander left the door open but Willow didn’t close it either? What is WRONG with these people?
  • I don’t care how incompetent the Sunnydale police are. If they passed Xander and an axe on the street, they’d stop him.
  • Xander owns a car. Did we forget that?

  • Notice how immediately supportive Dawn is of what Buffy is going through.
  • From the “doesn’t have a sweater” to the “has a sweater” shot, someone put lipstick on Emma Caulfield.
  • She wasn’t going to, I don’t think.
  • It wasn’t until they started making such a fuss over souls on Angel that the soul thing became a bigger deal on Buffy too.
  • Did they teach SMG how to turn to make her hair flip like that, or do you think she knew how already?
  • After all the pain in this episode, the way it ends with Tara and Willow makes my heart so happy.

  • Willow’s smile as she gets up off the bed, though.
  • Unfortunately, I know what’s coming in the next episode.

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Posted on July 16, 2014
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The best part of this DVD

Sarah (Maslany) is in a desperate race to find her missing daughter, but her scorched earth tactics spark a war with Rachel (Maslany), dividing and imperiling all the clones (Maslany, Maslany, Maslany).

Love this show!

But what’s up with Felix’s hair? Did it really look like that in the first season and I just forgot?

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In 1977, Burke ran onto the field to congratulate his Dodgers teammate Dusty Baker after Baker hit his 30th home run in the last game of the regular season. Burke raised his hand over his head as Baker jogged home from third base. Not knowing what to do about the upraised hand, Baker slapped it. They have been credited with inventing the high five.

Glenn Burke (via daysleepr)

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Fun fact: This was the first use of the word “googled” on television.

I just watched this episode.

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