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Posted on July 31, 2014

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B6.20)

Buffy 6.20: "Villains"

  • "Good night, bitch."
  • It’s amazing how quickly Spike turned things around in the seventh season to turn me into a Spuffy shipper.
  • This opening scene with the ambulance reminds me of the beginning of Rocky II.
  • A lot of fanfic (including mine) has Willow praying to the various goddesses, but we forget that she was born Jewish and is used to believing in a Judeo-Christian god.
  • How did nobody notice what Willow was doing upstairs? It’s fairly big.
  • It’s good that the script quickly took care of the whole “but Willow saved Buffy when she was dead” argument.
  • "The joint changes you."
  • It’s been so long since Oz was on that I’d missed the reference and thought they were talking about The Wizard of Oz.
  • "You killed the Slayer with a gun?"
  • "This isn’t the evil laugh of victory, is it."
  • The news wouldn’t have broken into a nature program.
  • Oh, um… no. She’s not. But someone else is.

  • I just noticed they speeded up the “knowledge sucking” scene for the credits next season.
  • Technically, the Slayer maintains a balance of terror; without her to control things, said things get out of hand. Remember the beginning of the season?
  • Wouldn’t it have been cool if Willow had been the Big Bad for next year too?
  • The fact that Rack said “not this time” makes me wonder if Warren’s tried to do this before.
  • Without a weapon or the clear, imminent threat of danger, medical professionals wouldn’t leave. Most of them wouldn’t even if someone pointed a gun at them. Willow only LOOKS scary.
  • He’s taking a bus? Seriously? An airplane would get you there faster, even if you do have to transfer in Los Angeles.
  • How is Willow not mentioning what happened to Tara? I know it’s painful, but still…
  • The area between LA and Santa Barbara (which is near-ish to Sunnydale) does NOT look this desolate. And a bus would’ve taken the interstate anyway.
  • Convenient that Warren had a robot of himself available.
  • Y’know that other shoe? It just dropped.
  • The first time around I didn’t notice the parallel between Buffy discovering Joyce and Dawn discovering Tara (her surrogate parent).
  • Buffy’s hair looks much shorter now than it did in the past couple of episodes.
  • "I’ve had blood on my hands all day."
  • It’s, like, May. There shouldn’t be coats.
  • Oh yeah. Technically Tara had a dorm room, even though she started the semester living with Willow and wouldn’t have wasted money on a dorm room, and there wouldn’t have been rooms available that much into the semester.
  • Clem!
  • One of my former co-workers makes white-chocolate-covered Bugles. They’re surprisingly good.
  • Um… it’s been like ONE day. How did Spike get to Africa so fast? Especially given his aversion to daylight.
  • I would think if this episode had been made today, Spike would’ve told the African dude “hasa diga igo ai!” or something.
  • Also… Spike is really smart. I get that. But he hasn’t had enough time to research this, has he? I dunno, maybe he’s heard of this guy.
  • Those are some weird sheer pants Anya is wearing.
  • Oh yeah… this is when we find out that Anya’s a demon again.
  • Gee, Xander… Anya is aware of how big this is, and she’s being an adult about it. You should too.
  • And you too, Buffy.
  • Why would Warren be so stupid as to hide in the woods? It’s not like Willow won’t be able to find you there.
  • Warren, you don’t have time to watch your little box float around. I’d think you’d know that.
  • I don’t care if you’re an actor or not; you’ve got to feel vulnerable being spread-eagled like that.
  • Warren is an idiot for trying to antagonize Willow. But then, his character arc really has been that of an idiot. And a misogynist.
  • It can’t POSSIBLY be cold enough for Buffy to be wearing all those clothes, not with Warren only wearing short sleeves like that, and a light jacket earlier.
  • The bullet isn’t in the place to hit Warren’s spine (probably), and it’s not high enough to mess up his CNS.

  • "Bored now."
  • Gotta admit, I did NOT expect Willow to do what she did. Which I guess worked pretty well.

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Sorry, @mcdonalds, but I don’t think I’ll be trying a jalapeño booger. Not even for only $2.

Posted on July 30, 2014






Having seen Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche perform in person, I know that they would totally have been on board for something like this.

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From a fan: ”This is an actual car dealership in Wellington Ohio. What’s next, Liam Nissan?”

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I was under the impression it was July…

Posted on July 28, 2014

Sing a Song of Ice and Fire, #19

The real climax of the book came last time, when Tyrion led a battle and nearly got himself killed, but here once again Martin manages to sidestep writing a massive battle by telling us about it later. Not that these books don’t have great battle scenes, but it’s going to get tiresome if he keeps it up.

Spoilers abound from here on in for a book published in 1999. Also, I’m not putting pictures in these posts because I don’t want to expose myself to spoilers.

Book Two: A Clash of Kings
Part the Eleventh: from Sansa finding out that she won’t have to wed Joffrey to the end of the book

Sansa — I remember actually liking Sansa for once in this chapter, which rather amusingly begins with Lord Tywin’s horse taking a big dump right at the foot of the steps to the Iron Throne. As a big fan of poop jokes, it’s like Martin wrote that line just for me.

Anyway, as Sansa observes, Joffrey puts Lord Tywin in charge of the realm until Joff himself comes of age, making Tywin the new Hand of the King. Joffrey congratulates those who helped him hold the throne, and as a result of this a very carefully planned “request” is tendered, for Joffrey to marry Margaery Tyrell instead of Sansa Stark.

Sansa is quite relieved by this, understandably, even though Cersei warns her that she’ll remain at court, a ward of the Lannisters.

We also learn that Tyrion is not dead, just grievously injured. And that without Littlefinger bringing the Lannister troops, there would be no victory celebration. As a result, he is given Harrenhal and a lordship.

Then Joffrey makes a fatal (to his career, not to his life) mistake: someone claims that Joffrey is the problem, not the solution, and he gets so mad that he slams his hand down on the Iron Throne, which slices him. Joffrey’s detractor shouts “The throne denies him! He is no king!” and then the man is cut down.

Finally, Ser Dontos reveals his plan for absconding with Sansa — it will happen on the night of Joffrey’s wedding.

Theon — Theon is fairly certain at this point that he’s going to die. Ser Rodrik is coming back, and he’s definitely going to have enough men to retake Winterfell. But he does have Ser Rodrik’s daughter, and he’s willing to kill her if anyone tries to take Winterfell from him.

He still knows that he’s in deep shit, though, and that’s when Maester Luwin comes to him with an offer: if Theon takes the black, Ser Rodrik will probably let him live. But just as Theon starts to lose all hope, someone in a red helm returns with a large group of men and defeats Ser Rodrik. It’s Reek… but he’s not who he seemed to be. He’s one of Roose Bolton’s bastards, Ramsay, and now he wants Theon’s girl Kyra as payment. Theon resists, Ramsay hits him with a steel-mailed fist, and then Theon is no more even as Ramsay burns Winterfell to the ground.

Tyrion — Abed and in great pain, Tyrion finally manages to wake and remembers that, without Podrick Payne, he would surely be dead. Somehow he manages to convince a Maester tending him to remove his bandages. That’s when he sees what’s been done to him — parts of his nose and lip gone, his face permanently scarred.

And that’s when the other shoe drops: Tyrion learns that Lord Tywin is here, that he’s the King’s Hand now. He gets the maester to bring Pod to him, and he orders Pod to get Bronn to him, even though Bronn is now a knight. He swears Pod to secrecy and that’s it for Tyrion for this book.

Jon — And now the penultimate chapter is upon us. It’s Jon Snow and Qhorin Halfhand, ready to die as they prepare to face Mance Rayder and his wildlings. All the rest of the Watchmen have died in last stands to try and slow Rayder down, but it wasn’t enough. So Halfhand orders Jon to yield, to join the wildlings, to learn what he can about their plans and then rejoin Lord Mormont to pass on the information. Jon can’t believe it, but he must do as he is ordered.

A wildling named Rattleshirt, or possibly the Lord of Bones, leads the party against Jon and Halfhand, and when he gets there, Jon does as he’s been ordered, volunteering to join them. The price is for him to kill Halfhand, which he does, with Ghost’s help. Then Ygritte (the woman Jon spared), who is with Rattleshirt’s men, tells Jon that Mance Rayder is already marching on the Wall.

Bran — But we couldn’t end the book without revisiting Bran, now could we? And we couldn’t have a Bran chapter without him being inside Summer’s head, could we?

Bran and Rickon aren’t really dead. We know that. They’ve been hidden away in the Stark crypts below Winterfell, but Bran’s mind has been with the direwolves, seeing what has happened — Winterfell burned, many dead. Hodor, Osha, Meera, and Jojen are with the youngest Starks. It’s Hodor who exerts his massive strength to open the door that bars the small party inside, and as they head to the godswood they observe the devastation, figuring out that it wasn’t Theon who burned Winterfell but the Dreadfort — which means Roose Bolton and his ilk. They get confirmation when they come across Maester Luwin in the godswood, dying. He enjoins them to separate, so that Bran and Rickon are not together, and asks Osha to stay behind to kill him mercifully. After, Osha agrees to take Rickon while Jojen, Meera, Hodor, and Bran go the other way, toward Howland Reed and his keep.

The end.

Looking Forward

  • The Red Wedding is in the next book. I know vaguely what happens; I’m kind of curious as to how we get there.
  • What’s Dany going to do when her ships get to Westeros? Who will her allies be?
  • Now that Lord Tywin is the Hand and in charge of the realm, what’s Tyrion going to do with himself (once he recovers)?
  • What will King Robb’s priority be? Restoring order in the North, or marching on the South and taking down the Lannisters?
  • Is Lord Hoster Tully ever going to die?
  • What the hell happened to the comet? They stopped talking about it shortly after Renly was killed, as I recall.

And Then There’s This

I’m cleansing my palate prior to A Storm of Swords by reading the fourth and fifth Kushiel books, Kushiel’s Scion and Kushiel’s Justice. I’m not sure if I’ll read another book prior to starting ASoS, but I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for sticking around for another read-along; it’s much appreciated.

Stark Ranking

  1. Jon
  2. Robb (though I kind of already know that he won’t be on this list much longer)
  3. Arya
  4. Catelyn
  5. Bran
  6. Rickon
  7. Sansa

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Posted on July 26, 2014
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thought that was a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream my bad

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Who am I?

I never knew Cosima’s last name before today.

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Posted on July 25, 2014

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (A3.21)

Angel 3.21: "Benediction"

  • It’s been literally 29 days since I opened the file where I keep these rewatch notes. Talk about inconsistency on my part. I may have forgotten how to do this.
  • Angel’s definitely looking chubby. I read somewhere that Boreanaz had knee surgery at some point during the series and he had to be less active while he recovered. It shows.
  • The beginning of this episode is super-dry, and not in the good way.
  • Love that crappy old-age makeup. At some point, makeup artists are going to really pull it off correctly. I mean, they can do it in reverse with CGI — Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in X3: X-Men United is a case in point.
  • When Holtz was alive the first time, no one ever called their father “Dad”. So why is Connor doing it? How would Holtz have known that usage?
  • Those beds at the motel are super-close together.
  • That is NOT the size of a D-battery, Fred.
  • "Shiny." — Was Tim Minear calling back to Firefly at that point?
  • Notice how they totally dropped the “Angel-teaches-Cordy-how-to-fight” storyline.
  • Hey! It’s the “Giles’s Courtyard” set. I think.
  • "Sometimes nothing is the best something."
  • Groo’s directness is very zen.
  • Lest we forget completely that Wesley is feeling all sorry for himself…
  • This geiger counter scene is super boring.
  • I think I liked the visions better when Cordy went all crazy.
  • I never liked any of the Connor storyline whatsoever, but I have to admit that sometimes Vincent Kartheiser does some good face acting. Like when Angel asks “wanna come?”
  • Welcome to The Bronze!
  • That was dirty, Lilah.
  • Given that she cut Wes’s throat where she specifically did, where’s Wes’s scar? He’s not wearing high enough of a collar/shirt to hide it.
  • Seriously? They’re going to pull that shit in the middle of a crowded dance club? Lucky this was done prior to the days of cell-phone cameras in every hand, or else the “Sunnydale Effect” wouldn’t be so plausible.
  • That stake isn’t very sharp. Connor is strong, but it takes a lot to plunge a piece of wood through the ribs — and human bone, by the way, is stronger than many types of wood.
  • I feel like the scene in Angel’s hotel room with Cordy was shot at a different time than the rest of the episode; Boreanaz looks more tan and his hair is a slightly different color.
  • Holtz was a very religious man, but the writers ignored his religiosity in the present… until now. That’s… odd.
  • There’s some emissions for you…
  • "Now there’s a sentence I don’t ever need to hear again."
  • Holtz isn’t that short. He’s just below average height for a man… though probably average height for a man of his time.
  • I wonder if Connor knows that the normal ways of killing Lorne won’t work. Especially since his heart is kept in one of his butt-cheeks. (I can’t remember which.)
  • Is this demon thing an AIDS/homosexuality analogue?
  • And now that fucking song is stuck in my head.

  • Kartheiser’s nose seems a bit big for his face in the scene with Cordy. I wonder if they added makeup to make it big enough to look like Angel’s, rather like some of the work the makeup artists did on Tom Hardy to make him look more like Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Nemesis.
  • "Miss Demony-Britches here gave him some kind of soul-colonic."

  • They do have the same chin.
  • 2:00pm check-out? Holy crap… that’s really late. Talk about outdated. Most hotels kick you out at eleven now.
  • I’m trying to figure out why this episode is called “Benediction”.
  • Oh yeah… I forgot that’s how this one ends.
  • "Hate gets a bad rap."
  • It’s been less than a year. Fred certainly re-acclimated quickly.
  • Did they forget that Connor has all the abilities of a vampire without actually being with one? Including vampire hearing?
  • Oh yeah… we all forgot Groo was here.

  • I rather like the “two old enemies confront each other and realize they don’t hate each other the way they thought they did” moment.
  • Remember when hotels had stationery and notepaper? Nowadays they just have pads and pens.
  • It’s rather impressive how good Holtz’s brainwashing his, that he can inspire the kind of loyalty and love in Justine in such a short time.
  • As a hunter, Connor probably should’ve been able to figure out that the wounds on Holtz were caused by an object, not teeth. But I guess he didn’t care at the moment.

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Posted on July 24, 2014

Listener’s Buffy/Angel Rewatch (B6.19)

Buffy 6.19: Seeing Red

  • This is the title of Chapter 31 of one of my novels.
  • The Netflix screencap for this episode looks like Data doing the tricorder gag in Generations.
  • Speaking of, my Netflix is being all jittery. Why now? It was fine all damn day!
  • Previously… “Can you just be kissing me now?”

  • I get that the actors have to be covered because boobs are evil, but Tara and Willow have made love plenty of times before. They’ve seen each other naked. Why with the blankets?
  • Willow, you didn’t hear Buffy because you were busy. It’s okay.
  • Tara’s hair looks really good for having had lots of sex and then sleeping.
  • Amber Benson sounds totally different in the post-sex haze.
  • It’s 10:00? What day is it?
  • Lest we forget that Dawn actually really likes Spike as a person. Well, vampire.

  • I love — LOVE — Dawn’s face here. It’s like when mom and dad get back together.
  • Dawn ships it.
  • Wow. Buffy really is the mom now.
  • Don’t make that face, Buffy. That’s a classic comic character, even though she’s wearing very little.
  • "Too late!"
  • I gotta hand it to the nerds. They really did think of everything.
  • Except that Buffy does acrobatics.

  • And now Amber Benson is in the credits and everything hurts.
  • Where did Tara find extra clothes? Did she just leave them there?
  • "Okay, we’ll stop."
  • "Oh, you’d better not."
  • Well, so much for that book.
  • Steven S. DeKnight wrote this one. I did not know that. I thought Whedon would be the one to actually kill off a main character.
  • Anya’s right: it’s not always about looks.
  • "Who’s Anya?"
  • Anya’s lucky this woman didn’t wish that she’d shut up.
  • Jonathan shouldn’t have been able to catch that knife so easily.
  • It’s night-time. Buffy would never have let Dawn walk over to Janice’s without an escort.
  • Andrew’s face when he saw Warren smiling after throwing Jonathan through the barrier…
  • Mystical testicles?
  • Yeah, Warren’s never giving those things up. Jonathan and Andrew are fooling themselves.
  • "Say, you’re evil. Get on me."
  • Again with the damn soul.
  • And Tara just reclines, knowing what’s about to happen.
  • Seriously? They just HAPPEN to go to the one bar that Xander HAPPENS to be at?

  • Oh, it’s the Bronze. I didn’t realize that.
  • Warren’s actually not that small. Frankie’s just that big.
  • Of course the bouncer knows Frankie.
  • Xander wouldn’t be that bloody that quickly.
  • I love that Xander knows about the Klingon stuff.
  • Aww… Clem is trying so hard.
  • If Warren’s lifting the truck sideways, it should’ve at least gotten away or moved sideways or something.
  • "I can’t wait to get my hands on his orbs."
  • Jonathan knows.
  • The orbs didn’t teach Warren how to fight, which is why Buffy can win so handily: she knows how to fight correctly.
  • "Smash his orbs!"
  • Buffy’s not heavy enough to have broken the bench just from being thrown into it.

  • Given how much Warren got knocked around, the jetpack shouldn’t still work.
  • Oh, Andrew. Hoist with your own petard.
  • Is that the motorcycle from the season premiere?
  • "Time for the spring poking already?"
  • The writer and director crammed a LOT into the last five minutes of this episode.
  • "Your shirt."
  • Aaaaaand we’re all fucked now.

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A Seeing Eye Dog on his first day

he knows he’s gonna do such a good job

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Posted on July 23, 2014
Posted on July 21, 2014
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I feel like I have been waiting for this my entire life

I just fell out of my chair.


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